Take a look at what our customers have to say about our effective solutions:

“I have worked with BDT at several of our problem sites utilizing effigies.  I have found this product to more effective than anything else we have tried. We now do not have any issues at our selected sites.” — W. Stephens, Tower Operator Company

“For the past 3 years these vultures have been destroying the front of my property until the cell tower put up BDT’s Vulture Deterrent. It took less than a week for all the vultures to move on for good. Now I have a beautiful front yard again and my pets are not scared to go outside in the mornings anymore.” — Haines City resident behind local Cell Tower

“We have been battling the Vultures for many years! Their droppings are destroying the paint on the cars we sell. One we looked up and found cell tower climbers putting up 2 BDT Vulture Deterrents. It took only 3 days and we are proud to say our car lot is free of vulture droppings and there are no birds on the tower. The bird deterrents have been hanging up there since October.  We are so happy.” — Hudson Car Dealership