Russell Adams


A licensed falconer, Russell has extensive experience working with birds of prey in many different settings. His in-depth knowledge of the avian world and their environment provided him with the expertise required to design successful solutions. Russ’ desire to protect the birds from inhumane treatment and help with territorial relocation keeps his mind in constant motion developing new replicas to use in a multitude of different situations.


Stephen Dougherty


An innovator with a passion for designing everything from boats to theme park rides, Stephen oversees all engineering, design and manufacturing of the replicas.  He possesses a drive and motivation for rapid-product-development, while, maintaining a level of quality which exceeds requirements.  His tool box consists of a team of certified engineers, high tech CNC machinery and a team of skilled craftsmen and women.  Stephen has many years working with composites and the cutting-edge materials used to produce the replicas.