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Man-made Structure and Birds: an unhealthy pair

With technology booming, humans have constructed a world that has infringed on wildlife habitats. As a result of human expansion, man-made structures have become the new homes to millions of birds worldwide. In order to mitigate the issues disoriented birds from their historic roosting and nesting sites, Bird Deterrent Technologies has constructed an effigy system with nature in mind. Why must we subject these birds to our world, when they have a world of their own. Interaction across this line has proven harmful to a variety of birds. Our simple and effective bird deterrent systems can resolve this concern, having already proven success in a variety of applications. Read below to see specific impact examples:


power transmission

As our nation continues to grow, so too does the power network. A favorite hangout among bird populations, a major mutual risk is most unfortunately realized. Damage to ceramic insulation disks and other hardware creates costly downtime and repair/overhaul requirements under treacherous conditions (given both the electricity, the height, and the bird byproducts). Birds themselves experience a host of issues from harmed health due to proximity to heavy power transmission, but most importantly, death resulting from select interaction with the system. Our vulture and osprey deterrents can eliminate this mutual concern, redirecting birds, and saving the lives of technicians and the birds that unwittingly commit untold values of damage.


Cell towers

With the 5G revolution among us, exponential tower expansion has been seen worldwide. Here in the United States, this presents an issue where vultures and osprey find roosting and nesting on or about these towers to be desirous. Unfortunately this ends poorly for both parties: broken communications or restricted tower climbs, and hazards of death for the other. By applying our effigy solutions across a variety of towers across the United States, we have successfully redirected at-risk birds back to their natural habitats; and preserved the essential communication pathways on which our modern country so heavily relies.


“Why eliminate when you can humanely redirect. A second chance for birds and humans at harmony”

Russell Adams  |  founder



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