Case Studies

The below paragraph is an excerpt from our case study, linked below:

In testing our product, selected sites were requested by our customers based on the need for assistance in affected areas. Every location provided its own unique aspects, which Bird Deterrent Technologies has been able to successfully mitigate. To date, 35 effigies have been installed on a variety of towers to include Water, Monopole, Guyed, and Self-Support. Placement and quantity of effigies were determined based on existing roosting issues as well as size of structure desired to be cleared. Structures over 120’ required two or more effigies to ensure that maximum sight exposure could be obtained. Site specific installation has allowed for maximum efficacy, as our effigies are placed on structural brackets that are located on the outside of tower legs. The implementation of a C-bracket for installation has ensured that under the most strenuous of weather conditions, continuation of placement is not compromised. Additionally, the robust manufacturing ensures life-like dimensions and features that make the effigy easily identified by incoming vultures. Upon a 10 day average observational follow-up, existing roosts have been abandoned and no new roosting has occurred. Additionally, any vultures that have been observed to encounter our effigy, exhibit a posture of fear and vacate the premise within seconds.  According to customer reporting, 100% deterrence of existing and new roosting has been noted to date. Bird Deterrent Technologies continues to evaluate existing sites and strives to continue to produce effective results.

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