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Bird Deterrent Technologies fabricates the most life-like predatory bird replicas available.  Our effigies have proven to successfully initiate territorial relocation of vulture roosting and osprey nesting on cell towers, water towers, and substations in high traffic areas; with those structures remaining clear of nuisance birds. Bird Deterrent is based on the age-old premise that birds do not and will not congregate in an area where one of their own has been injured and/or killed. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program utilizes a long-term pest deterrence system with a green approach to dealing with nuisance birds. It is our goal to provide a humane approach that will deter birds from manmade structures and encourage the safety of both bird and human interaction. Many bird deterrents have come before BDT, but none have the proven results that we continue to provide. 


Bird Deterrent Technologies fabricates robust, life-like predatory bird replicas for the purpose of nuisance bird deterrence. Our American-manufactured effigies come with a warranty guaranteeing the durability of our product to withstand the elements. Our current offerings include a vulture deterrent system as well as an osprey deterrent system. It is our goal to ensure all of your nuisance bird needs are met; to do so we conduct a thorough site review to ensure you purchase the best system that has been tailored to your individual needs. Our custom work does not conclude with the sale of the effigy alone, we also work to find the most qualified, cost effective technicians to install our specialty bracket systems.

We have designed our effigies based on the dimensions and characteristics of live birds, so that they are easily identified by wildlife. In addition to our expertly crafted effigies, our installation process integrates scientifically tested placement with skilled technical training of our trusted installers. Placement and installation is coordinated through our Installation Team that provides in-depth training to all new and future technicians. All installer teams are certified for one year, allowing businesses to continue to place effigies on adjacent structures as needed. This process ensures timely placement with effective results.

Encased in our custom engineered C-bracket system, the vulture effigy will oscillate in the wind reproducing realistic distress signs of a dying vulture. This representation has proven to successfully deter incoming vultures as we ensure that installation is in a highly visible area. Unlike previous measures of utilizing a dead vulture carcass to deter incoming birds, this system is a humane, eco-friendly alternative that will last.

Much like the custom bracket system of the vulture effigy, our osprey deterrent system comes with a specialized steel-galvanized L-bracket that will ensure our majestic eagle provides effective results. Not just a symbol of American pride, our eagle will deter nesting osprey from invading man-made structures.

We continue to monitor placement of our systems long after installation to ensure that we are providing the most effective deterrent solution on the market. Our continued research, in conjunction with that of the USDA and Wildlife Services, provides us with expertly crafted effigies and bracketing systems. This means, we continue to evolve so that we can out perform our competitors.

A long-lasting solution with our proven effectiveness simply did not exist until our product’s conception. The future is bright and with our solutions, your business can move forward — worry-free.

Four Steps to Harmony


Identify structures that are inundated with vulture roosting or osprey nesting through a thorough site review.


Establish a plan of action, including recommended effigy placements and combination packages to ensure maximum penetration into the nuisance bird problem.


Schedule installation to coincide with regular maintenance climbs of existing manmade structures.


Upon completion of the installation, incoming birds will take note of the effigies and will be discouraged from utilizing manmade structures as a home-base for nesting and roosting.




“Playing to nature’s own defenses to return these birds naturally to their habitats.”

Russell adams  |  Founder



Born out of a passion for protecting the fragile environment around us all, BDT was founded to find harmony between humans and birds. An unlikely conversation in a small Florida town around 2017 led to the creation of a world-leading entity. The combination of raptor expertise and manufacturing prowess defined the early years of BDT. The proven concept, taken into 3D models, and produced in a state-of-the-art U.S.-based facility, took the market by storm and giving a fresh start for industries once plagued by birds. Three years were dedicated to the refinement and research of effigy structure, bracketing system, and placement to ensure reliable results day-after-day.



We service a host of industries that find our product to be the ultimate solution to their needs:


Use at airports and spaceports can decrease bird strikes exponentially, facilitating safer takeoff and landing operations.


Destruction and contamination of crops costs growers millions of dollars annually. When placed strategically on property, our solutions eliminate this problem.

Cell Tower

Sensitive equipment can be easily damaged by roosting birds. Bacteria from these birds lead to infections, putting tower workers and the local population at risk.


Power transmission operations across the globe are put at risk by birds. Green energy produced by wind turbines eliminate over 300,000 birds annually, while those that evade create continued maintenance issues.

Water Towers

Often located in dense, urban or suburban environments, water towers are a common roost. Placing our solution on these towers redirect the nuisance, and protect the public from health risks.


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