vulture deterrentBird Deterrent Technologies fabricates the most life-like predatory bird replicas available. As our name states, our Bird Deterrent is based on the age-old premise that birds do not and will not congregate in an area where one of their own has been injured and/or killed. This is particularly useful if you need to keep a sensitive area, such as a cell tower, free of birds and obviously, their by-product, bird droppings.

Birds cause billions of dollars in damage, maintenance, repairs, liability, and health risks at facilities each year. Bird Deterrent Technologies helps reduce and in many cases eliminate the hazards associated with bird droppings by helping to eliminate the primary cause of these droppings – birds! An excellent article authored by the USDA and titled Dispersing Vulture Roosts on Communication Towers, noted that suspending vulture carcasses proved to be a highly efficient method for controlling bird activity on or around the tested towers. Obviously, although highly effective, securing and suspending a true dead vulture from a cell or communication tower is not a practical or long-term solution. However, this provided the designers and innovators at Bird Deterrent Technologies with a very valuable baseline, a starting point on which their designs were first fabricated, deployed, tweaked, re-designed and tested again and again until they achieved their desired outcome.

When cell/communication tower owners deploy the Bird Deterrent Technologies life-like ‘Vulture Decoy’, the results are almost instantaneous – birds get agitated, confused and quickly migrate to another property that present a less threatening sight picture. After countless hours of testing and in-filed, on-site evaluations, Bird Deterrent Technologies has means tested and deployed the most realistic Vulture Bird Deterrent available. To an approaching bird, it looks very, very life-like (or lifeless) often creating a confused and agitated state. While sounding simplistic, these agitated and confused emotions are easily transferred bird-to-bird exponentially creating confusion among the approaching flock.

Bird Deterrent Technologies simplistic, yet humane approach to deterring nuisance birds has established them as the leaders in cell and communication tower bird control. Towers that are free of birds are not only safer to work and service, but the associated communications equipment suspended from these towers tend to have a longer in-service life as a result of being free from bird droppings. Follow this link to view the complete line of Bird Deterrent Technologies bird decoys.