BDT’s Key Industries include airports, aerospace, space, cell towers, and power lines

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Bird Deterrent Technologies fabricates the most life-like predatory bird replicas available.  Our effigies have proven to successfully initiate territorial relocation of vultures roosting on cell towers, water towers and large buildings in high traffic areas.  Those structures remain clear of roosting birds.   As our name states, our Bird Deterrent is based on the age-old premise that birds do not and will not congregate in an area where one of their own has been injured and/or killed. This is particularly useful if you need to keep a sensitive area, such as a cell tower, free of birds and associated destructive effects and byproducts. Many vulture bird deterrents have come before BDT, but none have the proven success, results, and case studies we maintain. A long-lasting solution with our effectiveness simply did not exist until our product’s conception. The future is bright and with our solutions, your business can move forward — worry-free.

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Bird Deterrent Technologies is a proven vulture deterrent system for cell towers and airports. Expanded use includes power line bird protection, maintaining the use of high-demand energy lines, and keeping communities online and with power. Our units deter birds and vultures from nesting or congregating along sensitive power line elements, and keeping the ceramic insulator/insulation units functional in protecting the power lines. Protect your power lines today from the destructive effects of birds. See our case studies here for additional information, our bird deterrent solutions stand the test of time.

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